Louisiana ATV Insurance


In the Sportsman’s Paradise, hunting, fishing, and farming are important to our culture, so it makes sense that many Louisiana homeowners also own ATVs. ATVs can be both fun and necessary, but we also have to think about the “what ifs.” What if someone gets hurt riding your ATV? What if it gets stolen or damaged? Your Louisiana homeowners insurance may cover incidents that occur on your property, but you’ll need additional ATV insurance for coverage off the property. Tibbetts Insurance will help ease your mind about ATV coverage by providing you with high quality, affordable ATV insurance.

ATV policies differ as much as auto insurance, with policies offering comprehensive coverage, collision insurance, and liability insurance. Vandalism, theft, fire, flood, and other related incidents are covered by comprehensive ATV insurance. Any damages from collisions or crashes will be covered by collision coverage. Liability coverage will protect you and cover medical bills if someone is injured on your ATV. Louisiana residents should be smart about ATVs so that we can enjoy them with complete peace of mind.