Boat Insurance for Louisiana Residents


There are several different levels of protection available for Louisiana boat insurance, and it is important that boaters understand which level is best for them. Do you use your boat as a means to make a living, or do you use it only for recreational purposes? Our Louisiana agents can get you the exact level of coverage you need. We will assess your situation and help you choose the right boating insurance.

We will help you decide whether an Agreed Value policy or an Actual Value policy is right for you. In the event of loss or damage to your boat, an agreed value policy will pay back a set amount of money that was previously agreed-upon by you and your insurer. For example, let's say you buy a boat that costs $30,000 and agree on that amount with your insurer. If something were to cause loss of your boat years later, you would be reimbursed the agreed upon amount of $30,000. If you choose actual value coverage, your insurer will take depreciation of the boat into account at the time of the claim. That means, if you were to lose your $30,000 boat after 5 years, you would not get the full $30,000, but rather the actual value of the boat at the time of loss. Our Louisiana boat insurance agents are here to help you find out what type of coverage is best for you. We’ll work with you to find the best value possible on boat insurance. Contact our Baton Rouge insurance office to get started.