Homeowners Insurance

Louisiana Homeowners Insurance


Homeowners insurance is essential in Louisiana. Many Louisiana homes are damaged or destroyed by flooding, fire, trees, and wind every year during hurricane season alone. Although hurricane season is especially rough on Louisiana homes, the truth is that no matter the time of the year, your home is susceptible to damage. Don’t wait until it’s too late to purchase flood insurance and Louisiana homeowners insurance, or you will find yourself having to pay out of pocket to repair or rebuild your home.

Policies are available for primary, secondary, and seasonal residences. We also offer coverage for vacant homes and rental properties. We currently have several companies through whom we write our home owners insurance policies. We do this so that we are not “tied down” to one insurance provider. We offer the unique ability to be able to shop around for our customers to find them the best deal. Let us handle all the leg work. We give you options that other Louisiana insurance can’t offer. Contact our Louisiana homeowners insurance office.

Discounts for Homeowners Insurance in Louisiana

We will work with you to find every possible discount that can be applied to your policy. Some available Louisiana homeowners insurance discounts include:

  • Multi-policy discounts (taking out Louisiana homeowners insurance and car insurance from the same company)
  • Non-smoker discounts
  • Discounts for use of protective devices (fire sprinklers, burglar alarm)
  • New home discount
  • Home renovation discount
  • Discount for use of certain home materials
  • Senior citizen discount
While these homeowners insurance discounts are some of the most common in Louisiana, many more are available. We will find every possible discount for which you are eligible and apply it directly to your premium.