Homeowners Insurance

Rental Coverage


Rental coverage is offered by most insurance companies in Louisiana who offer homeowners insurance, and feature many of the same types of coverage. Insurance policies are available for both landlord and renter.

Homeowners Insurance for Landlords
If you are a property owner in Louisiana who rents out a home or apartment, it is imperative that you have some sort of rental coverage. You need to make sure your home is covered in the event of physical damage to the home or property, or damage to any structures on the property. You will also want to make sure you have liability coverage to avoid any lawsuits that could potentially arise if a person is injured on your property. At Tibbetts Insurance, we help Louisiana homeowners and property owners like you find the policy that best fits your needs.

Tenant Insurance
If you rent property in Louisiana, chances are your landlord has homeowners insurance on the property you are renting. Homeowners insurance is beneficial to the landlord in case of property damage, but it does not protect your possessions! If you have renters insurance, loss of your possessions on the rental property would be covered in such instances as theft, weather damage, plumbing damage, or fire. Homeowners, landlords, and renters across Louisiana, from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, trust Tibbetts Insurance to provide the right level of coverage. Fill out the form in the side bar for a free quote, or contact our office in Baton Rouge.